I am totally up


HD-video, loop


Single shot of downtown Sao Paulo (BR)







video, 640 x 480,  9 "


When the level of the Volga drops the island disappears completely under water during winter. Residents of the opposite russian city built huts there in spring to stay on the island during summer. Before everything submerges in the autumn they bury their household goods in the ground. Two seasons later they dig them up again and restore them to their prestine state. The island does not belong to anybody. Fascinated by the autonomy and the idea that she could also temporarily appropriate the land, Paulien Bremmer stayed unprepared and not able to speak the language in an abandonet hut and made a portray.







colourprint, 6 x 500 x 600 mm





5 op / 1 neer


(detail of 2 monitors)

6 monitors, video: 640 x 480, 1.18"


5 op / 1 neer (5 up / 1 down) is a subtile and dynamic action taking place in the stairways of a vacant office building. Within the frame of six successive monitors of which each screen is split in four, from left to right a figure and from right to left a group of greyhounds move. Either the man nor the dogs are ever out of sight. There is no editing in time. Man and dogs cross in this re-constructed spacial setting.